"Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman." 


ALL DRESSED UP Magazine - CPA Australia. For the accounting profession

Well, here it is. 314 pages in total.

Not in a very sophisticated format as my IT expert (my youngest daughter) has been away for two weeks, but hey a deadline can bring out even the most outlandish creative skills. For the moment just hit the link and it will take you to the relevant section. There were quite a few sections, especially the one on Inclusivity and Diversity, that I have been unable to complete in time but I shall over the next month or so.

No doubt delegates to the WCOA in Sydney have been swooned and overwhelmed with the ‘hospitality’ and sales talk from CPA Australia. Well let me just add a touch of reality as CPA have been known to rewrite history, waste money and focus on irrelevancies, so this is more of a corrective.

I would encourage you to read section one, being the 119 page account of the way the media exposed the shenanigans at CPA Australia. It is in short readable sections so you can try a few tasty morsels over a break during the day or on your journey home. The rest just read at your leisure and in any order.

I was going to say happy reading but perhaps sober or considered reading is more appropriate.

1. The Media Exposure of CPA Australia in short readable bursts 119 pages

2. The Whitewash is now complete at CPA Australia 14 pages

3. The Leadership of CPA Australia 2008-2017 (visual) 20 pages

4. The Dramatis Personae (Board) 2009-2017 (CV’s) 8 pages

5. What has happened to our profession 20 pages

6. Leadership remuneration at CPA Australia. They milk us! 5 pages

7. Correspondence, Awards Night and Quiz. C’mon, have a go! 16 pages

8. The Naked CEO. Nah, the big life is not for me 6 pages

9. Issues for the academic community to consider. 6 pages

10. Headline History of the Shenanigans at CPA Australia 6 pages

11. Three literary lessons for CPA Australia 19 pages

12. Nothing learned at CPA Australia 8 pages

13. Book reviews and recommendations 13 pages

14. Leadership of CPA Australia 2008-2017 Councils & Committees 26 pages

15. Lessons and Case Studies from CPA Australia 30 pages

16. CPA Australia - An ethical stalemate, a cosy club, a continuing nightmare10 pages

17. CPA Australia Board 2007-2017. This is worth a look to get perspective. 1 page

18. CPA Australia Board Committees 2008-2017. Check the N & R comm. 1 page

19. Media Summary. For a detailed list of the tale of unaccountability 6 pages

20. CPA Members Fighting Fund Report 10 pages

There are quite a few section to be added, which I shall do, but this will at least get the ball rolling.

Again I suggest you read section one first, or at least the first few pages.

This will be my swan song to CPA Australia, apart from the extra few sections to add (one being the audit report of the fighting fund). Well, we fought hard to get some transparency and honesty out of our leadership, and we won the battle to remove a woeful leadership (at both board and management levels) in 2017 but I fear we lost the war. No-one has been held to account for what happened and the new board have refused to put in checks and balances to prevent this ever happening again.

So, on that basis, I shall not be renewing my membership in 2019. So all the best to those who remain. I have really appreciated getting to know many of you, even if it was just by email.